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Spray foam and coating products used by Alberta's B.E.S.T.

Secondary Containment Products

Polyurea coatings have revolutionized oilfield protective coatings.

The two component polyurea system allows spraying a coating that is more flexible durable and abrasion resistant than epoxys or acrylic coatings.

Testing with ASTM standards has proven the durability of polyurea coatings under extreme conditions of temperature and corrosive chemical action. Resistance to most hydrocarbon compounds, and superior adhesion makes our coatings the preferred choice in demanding environments.

Poluurea coatings will not break away from the substrate due to the superior elastic and bonding properties that allow the coating to move with the substrate material. Our coatings will adhere to pitted surfaces and will not be affected by "Cold Wall Effect"

The extremely low permeability will not allow stored product to penetrate the coating. Polyurea coatings are VOC free, and can be formulated for a tack free finish in 15 seconds.

Our geotextile substrate containment system allows spraying onto almost any surface for superior secondary containment applications, and is UV protected, for long life outdoor protection.

Quantum - CoatingsQuadra’s CASE group has supplied coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers to important Canadian industries since 1976. Making Quadra a value-added partner. Quadra searches the globe for high-quality products and ensure that all materials are produced to North American standards and independently certified for quality.

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Quantum - Coatings Provides a wide range of polyurethane and polyurea polymer systems. These polymers are mainly used as high performance durable coating systems. Other applications include primary and secondary containment liners, molded parts, hard-coat surfacing, roof membranes and other spray and cast applications.

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Premium Spray Products Premium Spray Products Canada are suppliers of polyurethane foam, spray coatings and plural component spray equipment.

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Polysource - Coatings Polysource, Inc. manufactures color EPS (expandable polystyrene) resin and specialty EPS co-polymers. Our worldwide customer base typically consists of EPS molders that produce shape-molded products for a variety of applications.

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Secondary Containment Products

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